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3 reasons why beards are in to stay!

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It’s no secret that beards have made a comeback within the past few years. From actors to athletes, there’s been an undeniable trend; men are far more likely to rock some form of facial hair than in the past. 


1. The emphasis on health and our bodies:

Beards have numerous benefits for the modern man. First off, wearing a beard has been proven to protect from 90-95% of the sun’s harmful UV Rays according to a study by Professors at the University of Queensland. Sun exposure is the root of photo-aging and skin damage such as wrinkles, liver spots and skin cancer, so keep that in mind the next time you think of shaving! Additionally, recent studies have shown that a bearded face is more bacteria-resistant and hygienic than a clean-shaven face. Add some Big City Beards oil & balm and you’ve got yourself a cleaner face than ever before! Our 100% organic grooming products are packed with vitamins and proteins. Along with their antiseptic properties, they will keep your beard & the skin underneath in optimal health while having you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


2. Women:

Let’s face it, if she wants you to rock a beard, you’re going to rock a beard! Most research these days confirms that women find well-groomed masculine traits attractive. The same study mentioned previously from the University of Queensland also asked 8520 women what their preference on facial hair was, with results showing that light to heavy stubble had the highest sex appeal. Remember to give your beard the nutrients it needs however, as the ladies won’t be coming back if their kissing a cactus! A great way to take initiative on your beard care is to try our starter pack.



3. Celebrity endorsements:

Whether it be a famous actor or Hockey player, celebrities have always had a big impact on fashion. Musicians, film stars, athletes and politicians, you name it, they’re all on the beard train! In some cases such as professional soccer club Arsenal FC, 10 out of 26 players are bearded. In the field of MMA, Conor McGregor is famously sporting a beard and even boxing champion Mayweather brought out the old goatee for his big 50-0 win against the irish man. On the other hand, professional basketball player James Harden’s beard has been making highlight reels weekly for the past year and is even making an appearance on the cover of the NBA Live 2018 video game. As far as celebrities go, the Oscar and Golden Globes awards this past year saw a plethora of beards compared to previous years. The list goes on and on and it confirms that beards are more than just a trend. A well-groomed beard has become the #1 accessory for the modern-man.




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  • I cannot get over how soft my beard feels after using the eucalyptus oil from BCB. My beard is quite long, and the oil really delivers and keeps everything tight and healthy- right down to the tip! My facial surface has regained its healthy balance because of the oil.(other oils I was using didn’t quite nourish my beard and my face enough). I love the fact that Natural high quality ingredients are only used. i every so often I catch my wife walking by me and sniffing deeply at the full bodied scent of my beard. Happy wife…happy life!!

    PatricK on

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