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News & Updates

All of the Big City Beards Team members have taken the covid vaccine

COVID-19 UPDATE: Continued Sanitation & Safety Procedures

Vaccinations are rolling out in Canada, and reduced pandemic restrictions occurring in each province, we are pleased to announce that we will continue precautionary measures to help restrict the ability of COVID-19 spreading.
The Soap Exchange In Victoria BC Canada

Shop Local Spotlight – The Soap Exchange Victoria

Big City Beards is please to spotlight one of our local retailers, The Soap Exchange Victoria. We love to support local independent retailers and we want our Victoria customers to know that they can purchase our products locally.
Covid 19 Update - Increased Sanitation Procedures

COVID-19 UPDATE: Increased Sanitation & Safety Procedures

At Big City Beards, we recognize that with the continuously changing COVID-19 situation around the world, we are proud to do our part to increase our sanitation procedures to ensure your safety. We thank you for you continued support.

A young bearded gentleman applying organic beard balm

How to Use Organic Beard Balm to Maintain a Groomed Beard All Day

This guide will help you with best grooming practices to maximize the benefits of using organic beard balm & styling aid. Our organic beard balms are easy to use and get results within minutes a day of your existing grooming schedule.

Large jars of organic beard balm sitting side by side on a wood countertop

Sustainably Produced, Fair-trade, Organic Beard Balm & Styling Aid

Maintain a well groomed, healthy looking beard throughout the work day using our organic beard balm and styling aid. Our traditional formula is blended using Certified Organic ingredients to help moisturize, soften, and protect your beard.
A smiling bearded guy facing the camera with a wooden beard comb in the front pocket of his light blue shirt

Why is a Wooden Comb a Must Have For Your Beard Grooming Routine?

Learn how using a wood beard comb is a "must" have as it makes applying beard oil and grooming your beard quick and easy. Wood combs do not create static and are gentle on your beard resulting strong and healthy looking beard. 

A young bearded gentleman applying organic beard oil

How to Use Organic Beard Oil to Help Keep Your Beard & Skin Healthy

This guide will take you through our beard grooming best practices to maximize the benefits of using our organic beard & pre-shave oil. Find out how to use organic beard oil to fight, dry, itchy beards and help eliminate beard dandruff.

Large bottles of organic beard oil sitting side by side on a wood countertop

Sustainably produced, Fair-trade, Organic Beard & Pre-shave Oil

If you are starting to grow a beard or have an established beard... Using our organic beard oil regularly as part of your beard grooming routine will ensure your skin and beard stay moisturized to avoid, dry, itchy beards and embarrassing dandruff.
A portrait headshot of a beaded gentleman who has just finished using an electric heated beard straightener brush to groom his beard and moustache

Take Control of Your Beard Using an Electric Heated Beard Straightener

72% OF WOMEN FIND UNTIDY BEARDS UNATTRACTIVE! Our electric heated beard straightener can tame any type of beard keeping you looking and feeling your best all day. You don't have to settle for less... Keep Your Beard Looking Awesome!
Portrait of a bearded man feeling his soft beard after using organic beard oil

How to Use Organic Beard Oil to Get Rid of a Dry, Itchy Beard?

If you are starting to grow a new beard or already have an established beard, why put up with a dry, itchy beard when you don't have to? Learn how regular beard grooming using an organic beard oil will help you to give beard itch the boot!
A carbon neutral delivery van on a scenic country road

Big City Beards is Proud to Offer 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

We proudly work with Offset by Shopify to offer 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping on all our products. We are focused on seeking opportunities to find sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to action against Climate Change.
Covid 19 Update - Possible Shipping Delays

COVID-19 UPDATE: Restrictions May Cause Shipping Delays

At Big City Beards, we continue recognize that with the continuously changing COVID-19 situation around the world, restrictions are still impacting our parcel shipping service companies like Canada Post. We are grateful for your patience.