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Big City Beards is Proud to Offer 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

Big City Beards Carbon Neutral Shipping

Every time you place an order with Big City Beards moving forward, we will be offsetting the CO2 emissions with the purchase of carbon offset credits to neutralize the emissions that resulted from the delivery of your order.

Thank you for your support and together we can make every little bit count when it comes to protecting the environment. We are proud to partner and use OFFSET by Shopify, to provide the tools required to track and calculate the offset credits required for 100% Carbon Neutral Shipping for all our products to all our customers. We continue to look for opportunities to meet our commitment to the environment and Carbon Neutral Shipping has helped us to reach our goal by offsetting our CO2 emissions associated with product transportation and delivery through the purchase of carbon offset credits. 

What are Carbon Offset Credits?

In short, a carbon offset credit reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere so that increased greenhouse gases elsewhere have a net impact of 0. For example, suppose a truck releases 150 g of CO2 in one mile, and actions to preserve a forest remove 150 g of CO2 from the atmosphere. If you purchase one carbon offset that supports forest preservation for each mile that a truck travels, then the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere remain the same.

Earth friendly green footprint

We Purchase Carbon Offset Credits

OFFSET by Shopify is an app that enables us to neutralize/offset shipping emissions that contribute to climate change by purchasing carbon offset credits. The Offset app combines data from our store with industry data and peer-reviewed models to determine how much CO2 emissions shipping your order to you released into the environment. We then, through the Offset app, work with Pachama to determine the price of the carbon credits required to offset those emissions. We are excited to invest in this sustainability initiative to counteract the environmental impact of shipping and contribute to certified projects, complying with the best-in-class carbon offset protocols and standards.

How We Can Measure Our Impact?

Working with OFFSET by Shopify's app provided many different options for measuring and tracking the outcome of our purchased carbon credits. was important. We selected OFFSET, because it allowed us to specifically track the total amount of shipping emissions, and the amount of carbon offset credits we purchased. Further, we can run reports tracking the environmental impact benefit of the carbon offsets, including how many trees we've paid to protect. Follow us on Social Media for updates about our environmentally-friendly statistics.

Jari Valley_REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation

What project do Our Offset Credits Currently Fund?

OFFSET by Shopify is currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama. This Verified Carbon Standard Certified Project that is being by tracked by Pachama using their monitoring technology. The money from the carbon offset credits we purchase go towards protecting the existing forest, improving the biomass through better forest management practices, and verifying the progress of the project.

Taking it Next Level By Using Recyclable & Compostable Shipping Packaging

We are always looking for ways to take things to the next level... In combination with offsetting our shipping CO2 emissions, we also use recycled, compostable paper based packaging, packing, and boxes. Making it easy for you to join in and contribute by recycling our packaging after the shipment reaches your hands. Instead of throwing our boxes and packing out, please use the recycling or composting services in your area, such as curbside recycling collection. Together, with each little step we all make, we can make huge environmental change.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Carbon Neutral Shipping program and how it works. We are proud to know that every little step helps when it comes to global warming. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to send us an email.




“We are committed to being Socially Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable in our business operations and how we create our products. I like to call it Ethical Beard Care.”

- Jeff Weigel, CEO

Big City Beards is committed to producing easy to use beard care products that just work. Taking the guessing game out of maintaining a groomed & professional looking beard. We are proud to be the leading producer of organic, fair-trade, and socially responsible men's beard care & grooming products in Canada.