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Why Wooden Combs?

Why Wooden Combs?

Taking care of your beard doesn’t have to be tricky, instead it’s quite the opposite actually. If you use the right tools and products you can have a full healthy beard without too much effort at all.


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A wooden comb is made of natural material

A natural wooden beard comb is a must, and it is one of the first tools that you should use to comb and maintain your beard. What are the benefits and why is this the right choice? Lets explore more…


It does not damage your beard in any way

You probably never thought about how much damage a plastic or metal comb can do to your beard. A plastic comb creates static energy, which will not only damage the hair in the long term, but it also makes your beard look really bad. A metal comb, on the other hand, can easily scratch the skin and hurt the hair follicles, which is not what you are after when it comes to grooming your beard. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for your perfect beard comb.

Everyone knows how dangerous plastic can be, not only for you but also for the environment. Plus, more often than not, there are chemicals being used in the painting and moulding of the plastic, which can transfer on your beard in the long term. What you really need to use is a comb that is made from natural, healthy, completely chemical-free materials. Choose something that is healthy for you to use and also healthy for the environment in the long term.


Wooden combs promote beard growth

It is important to make beard grooming an essential part of your routine, as well as to help others understand what a difference it can make in their looks. By choosing a comb that is crafted and designed for this, you don’t only get benefits on the short term, but you also empower those who make a career out of creating beard-care products.

Even more than this, because they are specifically designed for your beard, you can be sure that a natural wooden comb will promote beard growth in a healthy way. There won’t be any damage to your skin or hair and it will stimulate the growth of new hairs.


Wooden combs look cool

There, I said it! Away from all the other advantages, there is something comforting about grooming your beard with a hand-crafted wooden comb. It makes you feel better about your beard, it gives you a special feeling and makes this an important part of your daily ritual. 


Is a wooden comb everything you need to take care of your beard? Definitely not. However, in combination with special beard oils from Big City Beards it will completely change the look and feeling of your beard.