Nanaimo News Bulletin feature story image of Jeff Weigel who is CEO of Big City Beards

Big City Beards Organic Products Featured in Local Newspaper the Nanaimo News Bulletin

Nanaimo New Bulletin Article on Big City Beards

"Jeff Weigel, CEO of Big City Beards, is capitalizing on facial hair fashion with a line of organic beard care products. The company now has customers across Canada, the U.S. and in Europe, but building sales online or in-store requires a lot of pavement pounding to build brand awareness."

Chris Bush - News Bulletin

In the previous weeks Jeff had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Bush from the Nanaimo News Bulletin newspaper to talk about Big City Bears and it's organic beard care products. It all began with social media images of beards and products that tweaked Chris's interest enough he reached out to Jeff to talk and find out more about organic beard care industry. Chris said he thought the beard oil was interesting and didn't realize that there are local manufacturers in Nanaimo and that it would be an interesting story for his readers. Jeff and Chris setup a time and met in Jeff's office they had a great discussion. Chris wrote a great article about Big City Beards and our organic beard care products. Please see link below.

Nanaimo a capital city in the beard business – Big City Beards, Chris Bush, Feb. 16, 2020.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Big City Beard's and our organic beard care products. We are a local company that believes in supporting the community we live in. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to send us an email.



"We are committed to sustainable production practices & using Certified Organic, Fair-trade ingredients in our products."

- Jeff Weigel, CEO

Big City Beards is committed to producing easy to use beard care products that just work. Taking the guessing game out of maintaining a groomed & professional looking beard.  We are proud to be the leading producer of organic, fair-trade, and socially responsible men's beard care & grooming products in Canada.

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