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How to Use Organic Beard Oil to Get Rid of a Dry, Itchy Beard

If you are starting to grow a new beard or already have an established beard, why put up with a dry, itchy beard when you don't have to? Regular beard grooming using an organic beard oil will help you to give beard itch the boot!

Using our organic beard oil regularly as part of your beard grooming routine ensures your skin and beard get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids they need to keep looking and feeling healthy. By using an organic beard oil product you avoid putting any unnecessary and/or unknown chemicals on your face or near your mouth. Our organic beard oil is a superior product and only uses Certified Organic ingredients that are safe. The following guide will walk you through the best regular grooming practices of using organic beard oil to get rid of annoying beard itch for once and for all. Our organic beard oils are easy to use, no messy residue, and get results. Below we outline in four easy steps how just a few minutes a day can up your game and win the fight against beard itch.

Step 1 - Cleanse Your Beard & Skin

Between the dirt, grime, oil, stray hairs, and skin cells, your beard, throughout the day, is a magnet for all forms of embarrassing debris. A regular wash will help keep it clean but remember everyday shampoos weren’t made for use on facial hair and skin and they can strip vital moisture away. Instead, wash and scrub your face and beard every day or two with a gentle, hydrating organic face wash.

Step 2 - Moisturize Your Beard & Skin

Once your beard is clean, it’s time to moisturize and soften your beard up. Our organic beard oil will infuse your beard with both moisture and nutrients, improving your hair’s texture and making it less likely to irritate skin. Organic beard oil also hydrates the skin beneath your beard to sooth and prevent dryness reducing and eliminating itchiness. Use it twice daily for comprehensive moisture.

Step 3 - Condition & Control Your Beard Hair

For all day long conditioning and protection of your beard from the day to day work grind, a good beard oil may not be enough. Add to your grooming routine our organic beard balm & grooming aid to control "fly-away" and frizzy beard hair and to easily maintain a professional looking beard all day. Use our beard balm as your needs require for style and control with the confidence that it won’t leave a greasy residue.

Step 4 - Brush & Style Your Beard

We can't stress this enough... Regular beard grooming & styling will not only give your beard a clean shape and smooth texture, but it will train hairs to grow in a single direction. And most importantly you will avoid having to put up with the annoyance of a itchy beard. We recommend using a wood beard comb, or step it up a notch try our Boar's mane beard brush, for the newly bearded to the well established beard.

Grooming Tip - Use a Wood Comb to Apply Beard Oil For Best Results

Using proper beard grooming tools makes maintaining your beard easier and faster. Grooming tools like a wooden beard comb don't create static electricity, significantly reducing unwanted frizzy beard hair. A wooden comb helps to distribute the oil evenly throughout your beard and down to the roots. To avoid knots and tangled beard hair, follow our best practices below:

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  • Use your wood comb to work the beard oil in to your beard, slowly untangling any knots that you find along the way.
  • Start low and work your way higher, working the oil into your beard. Start by your neck and work your way towards your chin. This will ensure beard oil is evenly distributed, giving your beard a full and fluffy look.
  • After separating the hairs and giving your beard the Big City Beard's organic beard oil treatment, comb your beard downwards and into your preferred style. Don't forget your moustache.



    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organic beard oil and how it can help you to maintain a well groomed, healthy looking and feeling beard. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to send us an email.






    "We are committed to sustainable production practices & using Certified Organic, Fair-trade ingredients in our products."

    -Jeff Weigel, CEO


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