Official Beard Care Of The Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey Club

The Winning Combination For Healthy Hockey Beards

An integral part of the Nanaimo community and a source of pride for fans and supporters alike.

The Nanaimo Clippers are a Junior A ice hockey team based in Nanaimo, British Columbia. They have a strong history of success from over 50 years of competing in the British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL). From winning championships to developing NHL players, the Clippers are a team that inspires passion and pride in their fans and the surrounding communites.

Nanaimo Clippers Hockey Club - Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey Club
2300 Bowen Rd,
Nanaimo, BC,
V9T 3K7





From humble beginnings in the 1970s, the Nanaimo Clippers have grown to become one of the most successful Junior A hockey teams in the country.

Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey Team celebrating on the ice.

The Nanaimo Clippers Hockey Club has a rich history of excellence and community involvement that we are proud to support. As a company that values teamwork, perseverance, and community involvement, we couldn't be more thrilled to partner with such a strong hockey organization.

And with beards being an iconic tradition in the world of hockey, especially during the playoffs, we recognized the need for our organic beard care products to help both players & staff members stay focused on the game without worrying about any beard-related issues.

The team has a reputation for developing young players into top-tier athletes, and for providing an exciting brand of hockey that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

But it's not just their success on the ice that makes us proud to support the Clippers. It's the way they give back to the community that truly sets them apart. The team is actively involved in local charities, schools, and community events, and has made a positive impact on countless lives over the past decades.

Nanaimo Clippers Junior A Hockey Team lined up on the ice.

We're excited to have the opportunity to support such a talented and dedicated hockey team and look forward to seeing the Nanaimo Clippers continue to thrive on and off the ice. 

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