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PRODUCT OVERVEIW: Organic Beard Oils

PRODUCT OVERVEIW: Organic Beard Oils

3 Bottle Organic Beard Oil Set


  • Stop beard itchiness and sooth your skin
  • Help prevent beard “dandruff”
  • Soften and moisturize your beard and skin
  • Help prevent beard hair loss and breakage
  • Help to nurture and promote beard growth


All Beards Need a Strong Base to Grow From and Plenty of Hydration to Reach Their Full Potential.

Our Organic Beard Oil formulas were specifically blended to nurture your hair follicles and the skin underneath your beard while simultaneously moisturizing and softening your beard. We hand craft our Organic Beard Oil in small batches to ensure each of our products receives the care and quality your beard deserves. Our small batch approach means you receive a premium Organic Beard Oil made with Fairtrade and sustainably sourced ingredients to properly hydrate and protect your beard and skin.

    Available Scents

    Allspice Scent


    Certified Organic Allspice essential oil been know to be useful to help promote hair growth. It also has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties that can help reduce a variety of skin problems like eczema, rashes, and other skin conditions.


    Sandalwood Scent


    Certified Organic Sandalwood essential oil is said to improve mental clarity, and it’s a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and natural aphrodisiac. It also helps with skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


    Eucalyptus Scent


    Certified Organic Eucalyptus essential oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is commonly used to treat skin conditions like eczema. It also helps in stimulating mental focus and soothing exhaustion.


    Unscented Oil


    Enjoy all of the benefits of Certified Organic oil without any of the scents. Great for those who are sensitive to smells, have a partner that is sensitive, work in a scent free workplace, or for when you are already wearing your favorite cologne scent.

    Why Are Organic Oils Awesome?

    Great For All Beard Types

    Top Reasons To Use Beard Oil!

    • Oils Contain Potent Antioxidants – Oils such as Argan contain high amounts of Vitamin E and other antioxidants that fight skin aging.
    • Oils Can Be Anti-inflammatory – Triterpenoids and phytosterols in oils have anti-inflammatory effects.
    • Oils Plump The Skin – Because of their fast absorption, skin is left soft and supple.
    • Oils Increase Absorption of Skin Actives – Oils carry active ingredients (such as vitamin C) deeper into your skin, they also reduce surface irritation that these skin actives can cause.
    • Oils Protect The Skin – Oils defend the skin’s acid mantle, rebuild and sustain the skin’s lipid barrier, and speed up healing.

    Give Your Beard an Advantage

    Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a by product of testosterone that helps give men their male characteristics, i.e. the ability to grow a beard. In short, lower DHT reduces chances of growing an optimal beard. Using only certified organic ingredients that don’t have any known DHT-blockers, we formulated our organic beard oil to maximize the performance and its quality. Growing an healthy beard is hard enough as it is, don’t inhibit it.

    Use It Early & Often

    Pear Wood Fine Tooth Beard Comb

    All men’s beards grow best when the skin beneath it is healthy, hydrated, and not being stripped of essential oils. Using Beard Oil from the start often sets your beard up for optimal growth. By applying a few drops to the skin, starting in the stubble phase, results in a softer and much less itchy beard as it grows in. The use of a quality wood comb will protect your face from being scratched while it also helps to distribute the oil evenly through the beard hairs. Check out our beard oil selection to find the perfect oil blend for your skin type. And remember, you are what you put on your body!

    Ethical & Sustainable

    Organic Beard Oil From Big City Beards

    "We Are Committed to 100% Sustainable, Organic, and Ethically Sourced Ingredients For Our Products. We have relationships with a carefully vetted network of suppliers who are directly connected to the farmers."

    - Jeff Weigel, CEO


    Big City Beards is committed to producing the highest quality products while making a positive difference in the lives of our suppliers and the farmers, harvesters, distillers, and their communities they are connected to. With a dedication to a transparent and ethical supply chain, we work to build stable livelihoods while supporting the overall health and well being of the environment as well as the society.


    Big City Beards is committed to sustainable business practices and is proud to have created the first organic, fair-trade, and socially responsible produced men's beard care & grooming product line in Canada.