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News & Updates

A young bearded gentleman applying organic beard balm

How to Use Organic Beard Balm to Maintain a Groomed Beard All Day

This guide will help you with best grooming practices to maximize the benefits of using organic beard balm & styling aid. Our organic beard balms are easy to use and get results within minutes a day of your existing grooming schedule.

Large jars of organic beard balm sitting side by side on a wood countertop

Sustainably Produced, Fair-trade, Organic Beard Balm & Styling Aid

Maintain a well groomed, healthy looking beard throughout the work day using our organic beard balm and styling aid. Our traditional formula is blended using Certified Organic ingredients to help moisturize, soften, and protect your beard.
A portrait headshot of a beaded gentleman who has just finished using an electric heated beard straightener brush to groom his beard and moustache

Take Control of Your Beard Using an Electric Heated Beard Straightener

72% of Women find untidy beards unattractive! Our electric heated beard straightener can tame any type of beard keeping you looking and feeling your best all day. You don't have to settle for less... Keep Your Beard Looking Awesome!