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Why is a Wooden Comb a Must Have For Your Beard Grooming Routine?

All beards can benefit from using a wooden beard comb

A natural wooden beard comb is a must, and it is one of the first tools that you should use to comb and maintain your beard. It makes beard grooming and oil application easy to ensure the best results.

Why put up with beard itch and dandruff when you don't have to? A wooden comb allows you to easily and effectively apply your beard oil ensuring the best results. This wood comb overview, will walk you through why a wooden beard comb is considered part of the "best beard grooming practices". How using a wooden beard comb will help reduce the application time required and maximize the benefits of using organic beard & pre-shave oils. Lastly, everyone knows how dangerous plastic are for the environment, by choosing a wooden comb you are actively making a difference.

Reason #1

Using a Wooden Comb to Apply Organic Beard Oil Makes it Easy & Ensures You Get the Best Results...

Using proper beard grooming tools makes maintaining your beard easier and faster. Grooming tools like a wooden beard comb don't create static electricity, significantly reducing unwanted frizzy beard hair and are important for helping to distribute the organic beard oil evenly throughout your beard and down into the roots. There are two main types of wooden comb options available; a fine tooth wood beard comb, for new to established medium length beards, and a wide tooth beard comb, for established longer (3"+) beards. No matter your beard size and style, wooden beard combs provide huge benefits and most importantly, make it easy to get great results from regular beard grooming.

Reason #2

Wood Combs Do Not Cause Static Electricity or Cause Additional Damage/Breakage To Your Beard Hair & Skin...

You probably never thought about how much damage a plastic or metal comb can do to your beard. Having the right beard grooming tools makes a big difference. Plastic combs create static energy, which will not only damage your beard hair, but make your beard look really frizzy and out of control. Further, plastic and metal combs tend to generally have harder, sharper edges on their teeth, which can easily pull out, break, and damage your beard hair. Also plastic & metal combs can scratch and irritate your skin more easily. Wood beard combs have softer edges on their teeth that become "seasoned" over time and use. A "seasoned" wooden beard comb is easy on your beard hair, tough on knots and tangles, and great for you and the environment.

Reason #3

Regular Grooming Using a Wood Comb Can Help Promote Beard Growth & Avoid Common Concerns...

Regular grooming with a wood comb is the key for the best results for both growing and maintaining your beard. It also helps to ensure the beard oil is evenly distributed to avoid common concerns, like beard itch and embarrassing dandruff. By making beard grooming a regular and essential part of your routine, it will make a big difference in the growth and strength of your beard as well as the health of your skin underneath. Using a wooden comb is softer and more gentle on your beard hair and makes grooming quick and easy. Using beard oil regularly ensures your skin and beard get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids they need to keep looking and feeling healthy.

Choosing Real Wooden Comb is Better and Heathier for you to use & for the environment you live in; it's just that simple.

We think wooden combs are cool because they are 100% Bio-degradable and a environmentally friendly! There, we said it! Aside from all the other obvious advantages, there is something comforting about grooming your beard with a quality-crafted wooden comb. Everyone knows how dangerous plastic can be for the environment, by choosing a wooden comb you are actively making a difference. A plastic comb will last thousands years before breaking down. That is why we recommend using a comb that is made from natural, bio-degradable, chemical-free materials like our Big City Beard's wooden combs highlighted below.


Big City Beards Fine Tooth Pear Wood Beard Comb

Pear Wood Beard Comb - Fine Tooth

The fine tooth Big City Beard's Pear Wood Beard Comb was specifically designed to help the newly bearded with short to medium length beards. Using a fine tooth wood comb as part of your regular grooming routine will help you to promote and easily maintain a healthy beard and skin.

Big City Beards Wide Tooth Sandalwood Beard Comb

Sandalwood Beard Comb - Wide Tooth

The wide tooth Big City Beard's Sandalwood Beard Comb was designed to tame even the bushiest of medium to long beards. Using a wide tooth wood comb as part of your regular grooming routine will help keep your beard under control and promote a healthy beard and skin.

Grooming Tip - Save Time & Get Better Results Applying your Beard Oil Using a Wood Beard Comb

Is a wooden comb everything you need to take care of your beard? Definitely not. However, in combination with our organic beard oils it will completely change the look and feeling of your beard. Using a wooden comb while applying your beard oil makes it easier and faster to evenly distribute the oil throughout your beard including down to the roots. The wooden comb also does not generate static helping to avoid knots, tangled, and frizzy beard hair. Follow our best practices below to get consistent results:

Learn more about our Eucalyptus Organic Beard Oil and Comb Large Kit
  • Use your wood comb to work the beard oil in to your beard slowly, untangling any knots that you find along the way.
  • Start low and work your way higher, working the oil into your beard. Start by your neck and work your way towards your chin. This will ensure beard oil is evenly distributed, giving your beard a full and fluffy look.
  • After separating the hairs and giving your beard the Big City Beard's organic beard oil treatment, comb your beard downwards and into your preferred style. Don't forget your moustache.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our the benefits of using a wooden comb and how it can help you to maintain a well groomed, healthy looking and feel beard. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to send us an email.



    "Taking care of your beard doesn’t have to be tricky, it’s quite the opposite. If you use the right tools and products you can have a full healthy beard without too much effort at all."

    - Jeff Weigel, CEO

    Big City Beards is committed to producing easy to use beard care products that just work. Taking the guessing game out of maintaining a groomed & professional looking beard.  We are proud to be the leading producer of organic, fair-trade, and socially responsible men's beard care & grooming products in Canada.

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