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Why We Use Hemp Seed Oil In Our Products

Why We Use Hemp Seed Oil In Our Products

Here’s Why We Use Hemp Seed Oil in Our Beard Balms and Beard Oils...

The fountain of youth, it is a universal desire for many. These days the cosmetic industry just can’t stop raving about Hemp Seed Oil and its natural anti-ageing benefits.

Special Note: The Hemp Seed Oil we use does not contain any traces of cannabinoids (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). 


Hemp Seed Oil vs. CBD Oil

Hemp Seed Oil (also known as Sativa Seed Oil) is different from CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil because Hemp Seed Oil only comes from the food-grade seeds of the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant while CBD Oil (or full-spectrum hemp oil) comes from the leaves, stalks, or flowers of the hemp plant.

The seeds of the hemp (or Sativa) do not have the same properties as the other parts of the plant and in fact, hemp seeds don’t normally contain any THCs (tetrahydrocannabinols), the compound ingredient in Sativa which causes its known "high" effect.

Nonetheless, Hemp Seed Oil still contains a rich combination of fatty acids, nutrients, and other useful compounds that is great for the skin—that is why we at Big City Beards use it in our products.


Here are some of the best benefits of Hemp Seed Oil:

1. Packed with healthy fats.
Hemp seed oil is loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid (LA and LNA). 
These keep the skin healthy and even help prevent breakouts as it protects the skin from inflammation.
2. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
Hemp seed oil is also known to have high levels of nutrients and vitamin E that prevents oxidation from free radicals and skin aging. About 100 grams of hemp seed oil approximately contains 100 to 150 milligrams of vitamin E. That’s how healthy it is!
3. Prevents skin disease
This healthy oil doesn’t just help nourish the skin; it also actually strengthens the skin to resist damage and infection. This 'wonder oil' has been known to treat a range of skin diseases or conditions including:
  • Acne rosacea 
  • Skin eczema,
  • Varicose eczema, 
  • Dermatitis, 
  • Lichen planus, (a type of inflammatory skin condition), and
  • Psoriasis


The Science Behind It

All these amazing benefits can be attributed to the high level of “good fats” and healthful compounds in the oil which primarily benefits the skin’s sebum glands, reducing overall sebum production, hence clearing the skin.

Aside from preventing skin inflammation and acting as antioxidant, the fatty acids in Hemp Seed Oil help balance the skin’s pH and prevent irritation and damage.


Closing Thoughts

Although research on Hemp Oils is still relatively new, especially in the United States, recent developments are being made more specifically in its use in the personal care and cosmetics industry, not just in Medicine.

At Big City Beards, we ensure that our Hemp Seed Oil only comes from a reliable manufacturer that produces this organic oil 100 percent free from THCs while still maintaining its many skin health benefits.

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