SPOTLIGHT - Colton Saucerman

Big City Beards Pro Beard Ambassador: Colton Saucerman

This Colorado native has played four years for Northeastern University before leaving in 2016. He has suited up for eight different teams across the AHL and ECHL including being called up to the Utica Comets to finish out their 2018-2019 season.

We caught up with Colton during the off season to discuss his infamous beard life and, of course, his decision to use BCB premium organic products in his glorious beard care routine. 


BCB: Hey Thanks for taking the time to meet with me today, Lets jump right in... Do you believe that beards will ever go out of style?

Saucerman: I don’t ever think beards will go out of style. It gives guys a different way to express themselves and to bond and make friendships.

BCB: How exactly do you feel about your glorious beard? Does your beard make you feel awesome?

Saucerman: Growing my beard was the best decision I ever made. My hair was falling out so I made the choice to grow my beard and it gave me confidence in my appearance again.

BCB: For you, why Big City Beards?

Saucerman: When I spoke with Jeff, the CEO, it was an instant connection. We were on the same page and I respect him and what his company represents.

BCB: Do you think it is essential to groom your beard the best way possible?

Saucerman: It is absolutely important to take care of your beard. You should treat it just like your hair.

BCB: Have you always used organic men’s care products?

Saucerman: This is actually the first time I’ve used them. And it was an easy decision to switch to them

BCB: When did you start using Big City Beards?

Saucerman: When you reached out and gave me a sample of the beard oil a couple months ago and I loved it. It's clearly the best oil I’ve used!

"Always been a fan of Eucalyptus, and when I tried your Eucalyptus oil it was the best I’ve used. It’s so good for the senses and keeps my facial hair super hydrated and soft."
C. Saucerman


BCB: Why do you prefer using our 100% organic men’s grooming products over the ones?

Saucerman: It’s the combination of healthy for my beard and the companies philosophy and reasoning for using organic products.

BCB: What made you switch to organic?

Saucerman: Simply just trying the product.

BCB: Have you had any bad experience(s) using any men’s grooming products?

Saucerman: No bad experiences, I just prefer organic now.

BCB: To You, what is the main benefit of using our 100% organic products on your beard?

Saucerman: I feel as if my beard is less sticky and fully moisturizered.

BCB: Do you agree that “going green” should be good for your beard health as well as the environment?

Saucerman: I 100% agree. It’s a win win for me.

BCB: So we're curious, what Big City Beards products are your favourite(s) and why?

Saucerman: Always been a fan of Eucalyptus, and when I tried your Eucalyptus oil it was the best I’ve used. It’s so good for the senses and keeps my facial hair super hydrated and soft.

BCB: Can you recall using the Eucalyptus oil for the first time? What was it like for you / How did it feel?

Saucerman: I was excited to try it, like I said I hadn’t used an organic product before and now that I have it's even more exciting to see what Big City Beards comes up with next!

BCB: So is it safe to say that you would recommend using Big City Beards organic beard oils/ beard balms to your family or friends?

Saucerman: I’ve been telling everyone I know about this company. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to have the best beard care.

We're honoured and proud to know this guy and to have him on the BCB Team. Make sure to give @hotsauce2323 a follow on instagram to watch the hockey journey!

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