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Organic Beard Oil - Unscented (30ml)

One 30ml bottle of unscented organic beard oil from Big City Beards

Organic Beard Oil - Unscented (30ml)

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  • Stop Beard Itchiness

  • Prevent Beard “Dandruff”

  • Soften, Moisturize Skin & Beard

  • Reduce Beard Hair Loss & Breakage

  • Promotes Healthy Beard Growth

Note: Results may vary, based on routine beard grooming in conjunction with using our organic beard oil.

Nurture & Hydrate Your Beard

Does your beard feel dry and itchy? If your beard is dry, chances are, your skin underneath is just as likely to be dry as well. If you are starting to grow a beard or have an established beard, lets face it, why put up with an itchy beard when you don't have to. Using Big City Beard's organic beard oil regularly ensures your skin and beard get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids they need to keep looking and feeling healthy.

Why Only Certified Organic Ingredients?

All of our ingredients used to make our organic beard oil blends are cold pressed using only the highest quality certified organic raw plant material. We are proud to say that our organic beard oil blends only use 100% certified organic ingredients. We all know that certified organic agricultural practices are better for the environment and do not use nasty pesticides and other processing chemicals.

But What Does Organic Mean For You?

  • Avoid putting any unnecessary or unknown chemicals on your face.
  • A Superior product that is safe and easy to use that just works.
  • Contribute and be part of the solution to help fight global warming.

The Benefits of Unscented

Enjoy all of the benefits of the 100% Organic Beard Oil without any of the scents. Great for those who are sensitive to perfumes and smells or if you work in a "Scent Free" workplace. Our Organic Unscented Beard Oil means that you also do not have to compete with other products like your cologne.

For Best Results Use It Early & Often

All men’s beards grow best when the skin beneath it is healthy, hydrated, and not dry, stripped of essential oils. Using our organic beard oil from the start will help to set your beard on the right path for optimal growth. By applying a few drops to your skin, whether starting in the stubble phase or have an established beard, it will result in a softer and healthier beard as it grows, avoiding the common beard issues.

Store our beard oil in a cool, dry place to best preserve its organic properties.

Regular price $24.95 CAD

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