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Genuine Boar's Mane Wooden Beard Brush

Genuine Boar's Mane Wooden Beard Brush
Genuine Boar's Mane Wooden Beard Brush
Genuine Boar's Mane Wooden Beard Brush

Genuine Boar's Mane Wooden Beard Brush

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  • Genuine Boar's Mane Bristles

  • Makes Beard Grooming Quick & Easy

  • Stimulate + Massage Face & Scalp

  • Contoured Design For Best Results

  • Perfect For All Beard Types

The "Ultimate" Beard Grooming Tool

With a handle crafted from sustainably sourced genuine Beech wood and bristles of boar's mane hair, this robust beard brush makes your ordinary grooming routine extraordinary! An ideal choice for anyone's grooming tool kit, it makes daily beard grooming quick and easy. Our Boar's mane brush removes the coarse hair of the beard, massages the skin beneath the beard to help stimulate blood circulation and remove any dead and/or loose skin flakes. Using a beard brush will help to improve your beard's hair texture and style while helping to promote healthy beard growth.

Wood vs. Plastic

Plastic is hurting our planet, by choosing our wood beard brush with Boar's Mane bristles over a plastic beard brush you are directly contributing to the solution. You are actively protecting nature from the negative effects of plastic waste. Our sustainably sourced wooden brush handles are treated with natural oils and are 100% biodegradable with minimal impact on the environment. Join with us in saying NO to plastic and reduce the amount of plastic being thrown into land fills.

Beard Brushes Make Grooming Quick & Easy

It is important for both growing and maintaining your beard to make grooming an essential part of your routine. Using a wooden beard brush while applying your beard oil and/or balm, makes it easier and faster to evenly distribute the oil/balm throughout your beard including down to the roots. Our beard brush uses Boar's mane bristles that do not generate static, helping to avoid knots, tangled, and frizzy beard hair. Great for all beard types beards, a wood beard beard brush is the ultimate tool for maintaining a tidy and groomed look all day.

Regular price $29.95 CAD

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