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How to Use Organic Beard Balm to Maintain a Groomed Beard All Day

This guide will help you to learn the best beard grooming practices that maximize the benefits of using our organic beard balm & styling aid. We made our organic beard balms to be easy to use and get results. Learn how within a few minutes a day of your existing grooming schedule, the why, the when, and how much of our product you will need to get the best results.

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Why Use An Organic Beard Balm & Styling Aid?

Big City Beard's organic beard balm and styling aid is formulated to protect your beard from the elements when working outside as well as maintain a professional looking beard when working inside. Our organic beard balm conditions and moisturizes your beard hair to help prevent frizziness, split-ends, breakage, and embarrassing "dandruff". We created our organic beard balm & styling aid to be easy to use and get the best results with a few minutes a day.

When to Apply a Organic Beard Balm & Styling Aid?

There really isn't a "wrong" time to use a organic beard balm and styling aid; use as your needs require to maintain a healthy feeling and looking beard throughout the day. We have found that the quickest, easiest, and consistent  way for the best results is:

  • Use the organic beard balm after you have applied the organic beard oil.
  • Apply the organic beard balm after showering when your beard is clean and you skin pores are open.
  • Gently towel dry your beard, leaving it slightly damp, before applying the organic beard balm.
  • Do not apply the balm while your beard is too wet.

    How Much Organic Beard Balm Should I Use?

    The suggested amount of organic beard balm you use is mostly determine by the length and thickness of your beard and styling needs. Use the following chart for reference, however, feel free to adjust to best suite your beard.

    The Office Beard - Up to 1 inch in beard length

    The "Office" Beard - Up to 1" in beard length

    For the best results we suggest starting with a 1/4 pea size nugget of beard balm to start and then adjust from there to best suite your beard and styling needs.

    The Established Beard - 1 to 2.5 inches in beard length

    The "Established" Beard - 1" to 2.5" in beard length

    For the best results we suggest you start with a 1/2 pea size nugget of beard balm and then adjust from there to best suite your beard and styling needs.

    The Pro Beard 2.5 to 5 inches in length

    The "Pro" Beard - 2.5" to 5" in beard length

    For the best results we suggest you start with a 3/4 pea size nugget of beard balm to start and then adjust from there to best suite your beard and styling needs.

    The Certified Beard - 5 inches or longer in beard length

    The "Certified Beard" - 5" or longer in beard length

    For the best results we suggest starting with a pea size nugget of beard balm to start and then adjust from there to best suite your beard and styling needs.

    How to Apply Organic Beard Balm

    When applied correctly, organic beard balm will keep your beard looking professionally groomed and healthy all day. To get the best results, it requires that you evenly distribute the organic beard balm throughout your beard. The following 5 steps will help you to ensure that you get the best results every time.

    Using a Boar's Mane beard brush to apply organic beard balm

    Step 1:

    Lightly drag the back of your thumbnail across the surface of the balm to acquire the desired amount for your beard type. Do not be afraid to be liberal with balm if you require all day styling performance.

    Step 2:

    Place the balm in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to melt and liquify the balm for best absorption and performance.

    Step 3:

    Work the balm into your beard by brushing your palms down the sides of your beard. Then do the same for the front of your beard until balm is distributed evenly.

    Step 4:

    Don't forget the hairs on your chin and above your neck, continue to massage the balm into your beard to ensure it is evenly distributed.

    Step 5:

    Use your favorite beard comb or brush to further distribute the balm evenly though out your beard. Then finish off by styling you beard as desired.

    Grooming Tip - How to Avoid Beard Hair Frizziness & Knots

    Using proper beard grooming tools makes maintaining your beard easier and faster. Grooming tools like a wooden beard comb or Boar's mane brush don't create static electricity, significantly reducing unwanted frizzy beard hair and help to distribute the balm evenly throughout your beard. To avoid knots and tangled beard hair, follow our best practices below:

    • Use your Wood comb or Boar's mane brush to work the balm into your beard, slowly untangle any knots that you encounter along the way.
    • Start low on your beard and work your way higher up, feel free to add more balm as required.
    • Then start by your neck working your way towards your chin and ending with your moustache, make sure beard balm is evenly distributed.
    • Once you have separated your beard hairs and evenly distributed the beard balm, Comb/Brush your beard downwards and into your preferred style and don't forget your moustache.

    Thank you for taking the time to learn about our organic beard balm and how it can help you to maintain a well groomed, healthy looking and feel beard. If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to send us an email.




    "We are committed to sustainable production practices & using Certified Organic, Fair-trade ingredients in our products."

    - Jeff Weigel, CEO

    Big City Beards is committed to producing easy to use beard care products that just work. Taking the guessing game out of maintaining a groomed & professional looking beard. We are proud to be the leading producer of organic, fair-trade, and socially responsible men's beard care & grooming products in Canada.

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