Our Story - The Reason Why

"Big City Beards was born out of beard care frustration & the desire for a beard grooming product line that was about more than just the product itself by provided organic benefits for both beard and our sacred earth."

Socially Responsible, Fairtrade, Organic Beard Care?

Big City Beards CEO Jeff Weigel

It all began as a result of Jeff's frustration; why do some beard care products work, when others don't? Why do some beard care products clog the pores of your skin, leave your beard greasy, and/or generally do nothing more than smell nice? Serious questions for a serious beard frustration experienced by all our bearded brethren.

Well lets just say that the next shocker to Jeff was once he starting researching he found that vastly different grades of ingredients were used create and produce cosmetics like beard care products. He found that at the lower end, it was just about scent and the ingredients were mainly synthetic or artificial, that the majority of companies used "all natural" ingredients which only means, no synthetic or artificial compounds. "All Natural" does not mean that they are free of any trace chemicals resulting from pesticides and other chemical fertilizers used in their production. That motivated Jeff to focus on searching for traditional organic beard care products, trying the different product brands, and he found that it was hit or miss with quality and/or weird overpowering scents. However, the light at the end of the tunnel was the one consistency he found; products based off of the traditional and historical organic recipes provided the best results.

That's when Jeff asked himself... Why can't we have organic beard care products geared towards the everyday guy? No weird scents, just an affordable line of true organic beard care products that are easy to use and are good for the environment as well!

A single organic beard oil bottle that has a small funnel in the top with other bottles sitting beside it.

Traditional Organic Beard Care Beginings...

Jeff took the next logical step by putting together a Team of like minded bearded people and Big City Beards was born in 2019. The Team, began by looking at a wide variety of traditional beard oil and balms recipes from key regions around the globe. These effective traditional organic remedies have been used for centuries to promote healthier skin and beards. They looked at what were unique regional ingredients, what each recipe used in common, and what was different. As a result, based on the findings, initial test recipes were created. From there they worked with a group of different independent barbershops and hair professionals to test and tweak the final formulas. The results were organic beard care solutions that worked and were based on traditional, proven formulations. Whether you have a full beard, soft beard, or styled beard, Big City Beards has the right organic products for you. No Beard Left Behind!


We Are Proud Vancouver Islanders!

The west coast inner harbour view of the city of Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Truly Islanders from humble beginnings, and with the "Island Spirit", we embarked on a mission to provide our bearded brethren with sustainable, safe, and organic beard care products that just work. We are proud to make all of our organic beard care products in the harbour city of Nanaimo, located on Vancouver Island BC. A community rich in a history of hard working bearded men from the fishing, logging, and mining industries.


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