Our Story

Big City Beards came from humble beginnings, right here in our beloved hometown of Montreal, QC.

One day, our founder Marcus Houghton said “Enough is enough!”

He was just fed up!

He was tired of contaminating his beard with various beard care products on the market!

They all either clogged his pores, left his beard greasy, or simply didn’t nourish his luscious mane. And with so many options on the market, he had no idea how to identify a legit company with a truly superior product.

There and then, he realized; “if you want something done properly, you gotta do it yourself!”

And just like that, Big City Beards was born.

By sourcing the healthiest ingredients from suppliers spread across the globe, he perfected his own blend & created the healthiest alternative to men's grooming.

Marcus and our manufacturing team blends our luxurious products with organic certified ingredients right here in Montreal, in our private lab. We manufacture in small batches to ensure consistency in our blends and recipes, which translates in the healthiest facial hair you can ask for.

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policies because we're certain you'll be blown away with the quality of organic. If you're not happy with your purchase, just send it back and you'll be refunded right away!

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We stand for becoming better men that we were yesterday, in all walks of life; professional, physical health, relationships, personal growth, fitness, travel and adventure. We'd like to share with you what works for us, & help you elevate your game to a higher level as well.

Looking forward to having you a part of our journey.


Your BCB Team.

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