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"Organic Beard Care, It's About More
Than Just a Trendy Scent..."

Who We Are:

Our Bearded Target Market...

In Canada, it's estimated, 38% of men have some form of beard or facial hair. Beards aren’t trendy; they're widely accepted in society:

  • The Canadian Military allows active duty members to have a beard.
  • The RCMP updated it's grooming standard to allow it's active members to have a beard.
  • Air Canada now allows it's Pilots to have a "groomed" beard.
  • Professional and Knowledge based industries allow staff to have a beard.
  • Sikh Canadian men maintain a beard for religious reasons; Stats Canada estimated Pop. in Ontario: 179,760, BC: 201,110, and Alberta: 52,300.

Top 5 Bearded Consumer Concerns...

Our organic beard care products will improve your customer's beard experience:

Itchy & Dry Beard - Our beard oils moisturize and hydrate the beard and skin.

Avoid Beard "Dandruff" & Flakes - Our combs help the beard oil reach and hydrate at the roots of the beard.

Dry & Scratchy Beard - Our beard balms will soften and help strengthen the beard.

Stop Frizzy & Tangled Beard Hair - Our combs are anti-static and make detangling quick and easy.

Maintain a Healthy Looking Beard - Maintain a tidy healthy looking beard throughout the day with a reasonable grooming routine.

Our Organic Beard Care Products

We have built a loyal customer base over the last few years because, simply put, our products work. Our organic beard care products are great addition to your men's health and beauty section of your retail store.

  • Organic beard oils are available in four different scents, including unscented, in cases of 6 units.
  • Organic beard balms available in four different scents, including unscented, in cases of 6 units.
  • Seasonal price point focused promotional organic beard care combo kits.
  • We also stock a wide number of Styling and Grooming Tools and they are available by request.

Organic Beard Oils Info:

Overview: Sustainably produced, Fair-trade, Organic Beard & Pre-shave Oil

Instructions: How to Use Organic Beard Oil to Help Keep Your Beard & Skin Healthy

Organic Beard Balms Info:

Overview: Sustainably Produced, Fair-trade, Organic Beard Balm & Styling Aid

Instructions: How to Use Organic Beard Balm to Maintain a Well Groomed Beard All Day

Retailer Support & Sales Tools

Big City Beards is always seeking opportunities to work with our retail partners to increase our brand awareness through Instore & Co-op promotions.


Retailer Marketing Support:

  • Co-op marketing dollars are available.
  • Promotional discounts are available.

    Retail Product Education Support:

    • Product instructions & videos available online.
    • Toll Free Support Line 1- 833-423-2737
    • Product training via Zoom conference.

      Product POP Displays:

      • Cedar based beard oil sample display
      • 3 Tier Wooden Waterfall Shelf
      • 6 Tier Wooden Waterfall Shelf

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