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Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

Professional Single Edge Razor Blades

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  • Made From Top Quality Stainless Steel

  • Fits All Standard Straight, Barber, & Shavette Razors

  • 100 x Professional Single Edge Blades

  • Blades Individually Wrapped For Safety

  • No More Splitting of Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby Professional Razor Blades

Derby Single Edge Razor Blades are designed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting, made from high quality steel. Cutting-edge equipment coat the edges of each blade in chromium-ceramic tungsten and platinum for a truly unmatched shave every time. These single edged razors are made specifically for shaving tools like our straight razor shavette. Each of the blades are individually wrapped in wax paper to maintain sanitation, excellence, and sharpness.

Environmental No Brainer

It goes without saying that a re-usable handle + a disposable razor blade, vs. a disposable plastic razor, has a way smaller negative impact on environment. It takes way less carbon producing resources to make a disposable razor blade than it does a disposable plastic razor, not to mention the cost savings to you are enormous. Using a re-usable handle and disposable Razor blades is an easy way to contribute to building a better environment with little or no change to your existing routine.

Regular price $14.95 CAD

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