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Heated Beard Straightener & Brush

This picture showcases our electric heated beard straightener brush. It shows both the front and the back provides a great look at the quality of the heated bristles as well as the power button and heat settings.
This photo demonstrates, up close, how it's the bristles of the brush that heat up on our beard straightener brush. This photo also show how the 3 different power setting can accommodate all beard lengths and styles.
This photo shows 3 bearded men who all have different beard styles to show the diversity of this great beard grooming tool.  It also displays both the front view as well as the back side view of our heated beard straightener brush

Heated Beard Straightener & Brush

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  • Professional Grade Straightener

  • Variable Temperature Control

  • Anti-scald, Non-slip Handle

  • Heated Brush Bristles

  • 360° Swivel Cord

You don't have to settle for less... Keep Your Beard Looking Awesome! Our electric Heated Beard Straightener is the perfect brush and styling tool to tame any beard no matter the length or thickness of hair, keeping you looking and feeling your best all day. With temperature options to provide you the styling control needed to maintain a groomed look throughout the day. This professional grade Heated Beard Brush is a must have for guys with longer beards or hair; get the results you need quickly by including it in your grooming routine.

Make Styling & Straightening Your Beard Hair Safe, Quick, & Easy

Our electric heated beard straightener makes beard styling easy for a frizz free groomed look at day. The heated bristles delivers a constant, even temperature, and heats to operating temperature in minutes. Our heated brush bristles ensure that you don't damage or singe your beard hair. Ergonomically designed, a breeze to use with one hand. No more twisted and knotted electrical cords, our electric heated beard straightener has a 360° rotating cord connection. Professional grade construction to ensure a long life and reliability.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Big City Beard's and our manufacturing partner warrant that this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal residential use and conditions, for a period of One Year from the original purchase date.

Regular price $69.95 CAD $34.95 CAD 50% OFF

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