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Clarifying Beard Wash

Clarifying Beard Wash
Clarifying Beard Wash
Clarifying Beard Wash

Clarifying Beard Wash

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  • GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE DEEP CLEANING POWER: Take care to clean your beard as thoroughly as you might your hair and body with this beard cleansing foam that permeates even the thickest of beards and cleans right down to the skin
  • THREE ENTICING SCENTS: Choose from three classic and invigorating scents like allspice, sandalwood or refreshing eucalyptus to suit your tastes
  • GENEROUS PORTION: With 150 milliliters in each container, you will have plenty of this beard cleanser to use again and again
  • EASY TO DISPENSE: Thanks to its foam pump style, it comes out ready to lather with only a quick pump needed to get it going 
  • INGREDIENT-PROTECTING PACKAGING: With its brown amber bottle, no excess light can get into the packaging, helping to preserve its organic ingredients  

When it comes to caring for hygiene, cleansing the skin on your face and body as well as taking care of your hair is a no brainer. However, ensuring your beard is clean and great smelling is another step in your daily hygiene routine that is often overlooked. When you care for your beard, not only are you helping to cleanse it from excess dirt, oils and even bits of food that might get into the hair, but you are helping to soften it up and make it more touchable, comfortable and easy to manage. Our Organic Clarifying Beard Wash will help you take the best possible care of your beard to keep it in good shape and make it easier to manage on a day-to-day basis. 

Our Organic Clarifying Beard Wash is a gentle, yet deeply cleansing beard wash designed to get into each hair of the beard, no matter how coarse and thick it may be, helping to strip it of dirt, oils and contaminants, leaving it feeling and looking cleaner.

We developed this beard wash with organic ingredients to help cleanse away dirt and grime without drying out the beard or irritating the skin beneath it. While it cleanses away debris and oils, it also helps to soften the beard.

This Clarifying Beard Wash also comes in our original three scents so you can pair it with all your other favourite BCB products, including earthy sandalwood, crispy allspice and invigorating, refreshing eucalyptus.

The package that the Clarifying Beard Wash comes in is brown amber in color to prevent light from getting inside of it and weakening the organic ingredients. It has a simple pump design that makes it easy to dispense and lather up the wash in seconds. There are 150 milliliters in each container to give you plenty to work with day after day. 

Take care of your beard easily and conveniently with this Premium Organic Clarifying Beard Wash. 

Regular price $30.00 CAD


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