Unscented Beard Grooming Kit

Unscented Beard Grooming Kit

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Do you work in a Scent Free zone? Are you or your loved one sensitive to scents? Maybe you're someone who enjoys the outdoors while watching wild life through a...
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Do you work in a Scent Free zone? Are you or your loved one sensitive to scents? Maybe you're someone who enjoys the outdoors while watching wild life through a scope. Either way, We're sure you're tired of having to choose between all the heavy scented products or having to go with out quality care for your beards because the scents are too strong. Even the 'All Natural' products usually seem to come with a scent that can be overbearing. Alas, an unscented set of organic beard oil and matching beard balm. 

Whether you're new to facial hair, or you're a true veteran when it comes to beard gains, our beard oil and balm care starter kit will resolve all your beard growing pains and you can enjoy all these benefits without the heavy scents that are overbearing.

This unscented beard oil and balm bundle will also allow you to wear your own colognes and not compete with your favourite scent. this way you can be smelling like the gentleman that you are know for while enjoying the organic benefits of premium products.

With all our balms, we created multi-purpose tools that deliver extreme benefits to every area of self-care for men while pairing with the beard oil of choice. This product kit is perfect for the guy that doesn't want a shelf full of items; it's good for your beard, skin and hair.

Our beard oil is formulated to be very lightweight to keep your beard conditioned and shiny. Because of its lightweight properties, it won't make your beard feel greasy but will instead leave a soothing fragrance and a calming moisturizing sensation.

Unscented Beard Balm

  • Leave in conditioner for your beard
  • Extreme beard softener
  • Luxury skin lotion & soothing aftershave
  • Eliminates itchiness & beard druf
  • Added hold for styling

First and foremost, use it as a leave in conditioner for your beard. The organic ingredients will soften your hairs & nurture your skin, eliminating dry hair, itchiness and white flakes. Use any excess balm from your hands & pass through your hair for a softer & healthier head. It’s also perfect to use in the sensitive areas of your skin (neck area), on dry skin or on tattoos.

Application directions: 

  1. Scoop a dime to nickel size of balm in the palm of your hand with the back of your finger nail
  2. Rub between your hand until balm is fully melted
  3. Gently massage your entire beard & moustache for 30 seconds
  4. Comb all beard hairs upwards to add thickness and volume
  5. Comb all beard hairs down & style as desired

**Start by using a small amount of balm & add as needed. A little goes a long way**

Unscented Organic Beard Oil:

  • The Ultra Soft Formula
  • Intense Skin Moisturizer

This beard oil blend contains the veteran of all carrier oils; Argan oil with it's rich amounts of protein that promotes beard growth & strengthens hairs, making your beard shiny and smooth. 

Application directions: 

  1. Pour a dime to nickel sized amount of oil in the palm of your hand (depending on beard length) 
  2. Rub both hands together to spread out the oil
  3. Gently massage your entire beard for 30 seconds
  4. Comb down hairs in desired direction
  5. Admire shine while feeling a moisturizing sensation

    Store in a cool, dry place to preserve organic properties.

    This beard oil and and balm set is handcrafted in small batches on Vancouver Island, in Nanaimo, BC with high attention to the details.


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